Have you ever slept on a sleeper sofa? If you have, then we are sure you have stories to tell... Back in the day it was common to wake up only semi refreshed after a night of metal frames, lost pillows, and mediocre mattresses... not to mention the smaller bed size. Well, thank goodness those days are over.. or could be.. American Leather offers the most comfortable sleeper sofa in the market. We have them on our showroom floors and they are on sale for the month of September. The features that set them a notch above the rest are: full length mattresses, comfortable foam mattress with an optional temper-pedic upgrade, no lost pillows or metal frames to scrape your knees on, and the best of all.. when the bed is stored away, you would never know you were sitting on a sleeper sofa. It is that comfortable.. and don't sweat.. the Climate Footprint of this product is slim.. American Leather is a leading member of the Sustainable Furniture Council and they are made in Texas.. so no boats and global travel for this great product. Come see us soon to take advantage of this sale period.