What makes some companies different from others? Today we want to feature American Leather furniture. We have been offering American Leather for many years here at Townhouse Galleries and we are still very excited about it! We feel they offer some of the best leather and fabric sofas, chairs, sleeper sofas, and media room furniture on the market today.  One of the things that sets them above the rest is their commitment to the environment. They were a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture council, a non-profit organization created to promote sustainable practices in the furniture industry. Important distinguishing features about their furniture are:


All the wood used in their frames is harvested from sustainable forest. They recycle over two million pounds of leftover wood and are able to use recycled and scrap hardwood to repurpose the wood.  This is not used in the frames, but shows a commitment to the waste generated in the manufacturing process. The glues are chemical-free, water-based binders that doesn't contain or release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Their leather is dyed using water-based solvents and pigments offering 35 environmentally friendly leathers made through natural, chrome free, chemical free processes. The cushions include soy-based foam, which is fully recyclable and available in a wide assortment of firmness and densities. (The foam is also free of CFCs)!

The American Leather factory is committed to conservation. They use automatic light shut-offs, encourage recycling and a focus on environmentally conscious decisions by all their employees... The furniture is made in Dallas, Texas. This means that the products don't travel across an ocean to arrive to you. They come to you faster and with a much smaller carbon footprint than imported goods. So go ahead and feel good about your next leather purchase here at Townhouse Galleries. Like we keep saying... we want you to have the highest quality furniture available to you! Right here in Huntsville and Decatur, AL.