Is this heat getting to you all? It has been so hard to keep our buildings and homes cool with all these high heat index days! Did you know that the South accounts for 44 percent of the nation’s energy use! What an opportunity for all of us to adopt energy efficiency! I was reading a blog yesterday about energy in the southeast and I want to share a quote from Dr. Marilyn Brown, an internationally recognized leader in the analysis and interpretation of energy futures in the U.S, “ to move energy efficiency from its current lowly status as a personal virtue to the transformational powerhouse I know it to be, we need to raise our expectations much higher. This begins by changing our goal from showing that we can do “something” on energy efficiency toward a goal of doing “everything” that is both technically possible and economically cost-effective to advance energy efficiency into every facet of our lives”.  It is up to all of us to make the best decisions when it comes to energy. Have a home energy audit done at your house and see where you could make a difference! Here at Townhouse Galleries we offset some of our own energy use by participating in TVA’s Green Power Switch Program. We believe in clean sources of energy and have implemented energy saving technologies where we can. wind

One overlooked relationship to energy is the amount of energy that goes into a making piece of furniture. Do you ever pause to think of the energy cycle of your purchases? Many pieces of furniture travel great distances and require a tremendous amount of fossil fuels to reach your homes and our showroom.  It is refreshing to see consumer dollars go to support companies that strive to shorten the energy cycle and use renewable sources of energy and supplies. Simply Amish furniture is about as green as your can get when it comes to furniture. Stickley Furniture is another great story of a company committed to Sustainability. The lines we carry that I’m most impressed with to date are Hickory Chair, American Leather, Stressless, Stickley and Simply Amish. More and more companies are joining the cause and making furniture sustainably.  We would like to think that we are Huntsville and Decatur’s best source for sustainable furniture (let us know what you think). The story is changing and we are excited about it. If this is of interest to you, be sure to ask our designers to help you choose furniture from companies that are going the extra mile right now and you can always count on all of our quality furniture lasting for years to come. Which keeps you, your bank account, and our landfills happy!